Reunion Dinners

Sixth Reunion Dinner - October 20, 2018

Clockwise from left: Debbie Abdool, Tom Ewart, Sandy Lowden, Graham Wilson,
Russell Sutherland, Rob Rothwell, and Mark Bartelt.

Fifth Reunion Dinner - October 21, 2017

Clockwise from left: Irene Warren (Ted's wife), Sandy Lowden, Graham Wilson, Russell Sutherland, Peter Teixeira,
Tom Ewart, Rob Rothwell, Mark Bartelt, and Ted Warren.

Fourth Reunion Dinner - October 17, 2015

Clockwise from left: Eva Dickson, Mark Bartelt, Tom Ewart,
Rob Rothwell, Michiko Kawakami, Graham Wilson, and Sandy Lowden.

Third Reunion Dinner - November 1, 2008

From left to right: Graham Wilson, Rob Rothwell, Debbie Abdool,
Peter Teixeira, Ron Lipscombe, and Tom Ewart

Second Reunion Dinner - October 13, 2007

From left to right: Graham Wilson, Lijana Gleason, Rob Rothwell, Russell Sutherland,
Mark Bartelt, Astrid Bellem, Ted Warren, and Tom Ewart

First Reunion Dinner - February 23, 2002

Michiko Kawakami, Peter Teixeira, and Dr. Rob Morton

Rob Rothwell, Mark Bartelt, and Dr. Tom Ewart

Russell Sutherland, Alison Sutherland (Russell's wife), and Graham Wilson

Dr. Rob Morton, Marion Morton (Rob's wife), Dr. Marci Chan, and Dr. Stephen Benedict (Marci's husband)

Iris Wu and Peter Teixeira

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